Around the world, many industries are still feeling the effects of the serious challenges caused by the coronavirus pandemic. Business environments have changed dramatically with the vast majority of employees forced to work remotely. A lot of companies are experiencing this issue for the first time and trying to combat this difficult situation is proving troublesome.

At NCheck, we are ready to help business' across the globe with the working from home challenge, as we have a customer trusted solution for work at home time tracking. NCheck Bio Attendance can be a useful tool in this unprecedented situation, employees can check-in and check-out simply with their mobile devices. Even if remote work is not possible because of specifics of your business/job, we have contactless biometric modality included into the software – face and iris detection (iris can be recognized on distance with specific scanners only). Our ready to use solution can be implemented rapidly without any need of physical contact with your employees. It will not only help you to count the working and overtime hours, but also provide needed reports and can be integrated to your payroll system. The fastest and easiest way to start remote time attendance tracking – NCheck 云 product version. A subscription of up to 5 users is free for unlimited time.

If you would like to try our cloud-based solution, there are few easy steps you have to follow:

  1. Create your account, confirm e-mail and your registration will be completed.
  2. Configure your system - add employees/users and enroll their pictures or other biometric data if needed (fingerprint and iris modalities are also available).
  3. Register the apps, which your employees will be using for marking the attendance.
  4. Start using the product.

A detailed step by step guide can be found 这里.

Remote attendance tracking on your own server is also possible. For this scenario we have NCheck On-Premises product version. Quick start guide for this solution can be found 这里.

NCheck Bio Attendance is widely used in different countries and continents as well as by ourselves – we have been successfully using the software system prior to the pandemic and now it continues to help us manage our team during these times. We hope it can help your business as well.

Let’s all stay safe and healthy!

Our team are always ready to help and answer all your questions – let’s get in touch.