Select the best iris scanner from the list below. All these iris scanners are supported by NCheck Bio Attendance.

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Scanner nameMicrosoft Windows
Vista / 7 / 8
 32 bit64 bit
CMITech BMT-20/ EMX-30++
Credence ID Trident+(2)
Cross Match I Scan 2++(1)
IrisGuard IG-AD100+
Iritech IriShield USB MK 2120U / IriShield-USB BK 2121U+++
Iritech IriMagic1000BK+
UBKEY Mirrorkey Mirrorkem+
VistaFA2 / VistaFA2E / VistaEY2 / VistaEY2-02 / VistaEY2R iris & face cameras++
VistaEY2H iris camera++
  1. Can be used on 64-bit OS, but only in 32-bit applications.
  2. The device has pre-installed Android OS.